Some useful Google Search commands and shortcuts

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As everyone knows that Google Search is The biggest internet search engine serving billions of search queries per day.

But do you know that Google search has evolved from a basic search engine to a much advanced search application. Now its lot more than a search engine, it’s a netizen's friend. There are a lot of shortcuts and search commands one can use to get information of daily life quickly and easily.
Lets see some of such most useful search commands.

1. Currency Conversion

Google search can be used for currency conversion. If you are using Indian google version www.google.co.in, just type the amount which u wanna convert to INR and Google will convert it in rupees. For other versions of google search type 'currency 1 in currency 2' to get the results.

Try Pounds to USD, Indian Rupee to USD

currency conversion

2. Unit Conversion:

You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and volume among many others. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box and we’ll do the rest.

Just type like 'unit 1 in unit 2' to get the results.
Try: 10.5 cm into inches

3. Calculations:

Google seach packs a fully functional calculator in it.

Try: Calculator or you can directly type the calculation you want in the search field to get the result. Try: 1496-56*5

calculator on google

4. Time:

Google can tell you the time of any country/city of the world at that moment. Just type in 'country name time'

Try: London, New York

time on google

5. Stock Quotes:

To see current market data for a given company or fund, type the ticker symbol into the search box. On the results page, you can click the link to see more data from Google Finance.

Try: Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. , Cisco Systems

stock on google

In some situation when there is a website with same name of the stock or the name of the company is same as the name of stock, the info is displayed in the sidebar, along with the information of the company.

Try: TATA Steel

6. Weather:

To see the weather for many U.S. and worldwide cities, type “weather” followed by the city and state, U.S. zip code, or city and country. Zip code search may not work for cities other than US. Below is the example of New Delhi Weather. The weather information is shown for a whole week.

weather on google

7. Timer:

Google search has a nice inbuilt timer in it. Just type 'timer for x hours y min z sec to start the timer. Once the timer is finished, a beeper will blow untill you click on OK.

Try: Timer for 30 sec


Other than these useful commands, there are some other shortcuts. Some of the shortcuts may not work for all the countries and cities outside US.

8. Sunset and Sunrise time:

Use the search 'Sunset city name' or 'sunrise city name'

Try: sunset bikaner, Sunrise Noida

9. Definitions:

To get dictionary definition type 'define (word)' . The definitions are usually picked from reputed online dictionary sources and also Wikipedia.

Try: Define Osteocyte

definitions on google

10. Movies in a city:

Type 'movies city name' to get the result. This will only give results for most popular cinema halls and multiplexes and may not give results for small cities.

Try movies chandigarh

11. To search within a specific site use the command 'site:'

Try: site: www.newbietechtips.com android

12. Some other Commands which can be used.


plus sign (+)
force words to be included in a search
Android +sms app
minus sign (-)
excludes words from a search
Maxwell -Absolom
" "
quotation marks (" ")
around words to search for exact match
"Mahatma Gandhi"
OR (caps on) or the pipe symbol (|)
to find any one of a number of words (operands are case sensitive)
Kennington burial OR cemetery
Kennington burial | cemetery
combinations of above
to get combination results
beach -sandy +albert +nathaniel
tilde (~ )
searches for synonyms of a word
~symposium will search the synonyms of symposium
double dot ( .. )
use to search a range of numbers
Type: 1888..1895 will find any dates within the range
asterisk ( * )
means every word (this is called a wildcard search)
Type: doughnuts with * Returns doughnuts with sprinkles, etc.
asterisk ( * ) combined with a domain extension
to find pages in a certain domain
genealogy *.edu Returns all educational websites with the term genealogy in it.

# Makeuseof.com has made a pdf file of search commands. Which can be downloaded here. If the download does not start automatically. Select the first link.

If I have missed any more exciting shortcuts, do post in comments.


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