How to add custom domain to feedburner feeds

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Feedburneris a feed management service acquired by Google. It is a very useful tool for webmasters and bloggers. Feedburner allows the user to do a lot of things and a lot of ways to publish the feeds, like
1.       Provide email subscription to visitors.
2.       Allow republish the feed as HTML.
3.       To ping the feed to social networks.
4.       To post the feed items to twitter automatically.
5.       Display rotating headlines.

Adding a feed to feedburner is very easy. For blogger.com users the feed is automatically created while adding the email subscription widget. Otherwise you can just enter the feed url  on the feedburner dashboard and click next.

If you are using a custom domain for your website, you can also map your feedburner feed address to your own domain. It quite simple, you just need to know how to add a CNAME value to your domains DNS settings.

Lets see the step-wise method.

1.       Go to feedburner dashboard --> My Account --> MyBrand
2.       You will find the unique CNAME value for your account. It is in form of 'xxxxxx.feedproxy.ghs.google.com'. Just copy this value on the clipboard.
3.       Go to and login to your domain control panel and go to DNS settings.
4.       Add the CNAME record for the subdomain on which you want to see your feeds. For example if you want to see your feeds on feeds.yourdomain.com then add 'Host' as 'feeds' and add 'Value' as your CNAME value you copied from the feedburner and save it.
5.       Wait for some time lets say 10-15 min. Usually the CNAME record propogates in this time period, but may take longer also.
6.       Go back to feedburner and enter the desired subdoin into the domain column and click 'Activate'
7.       That’s it. Now you can visit the feeds on your own domain.

You can add more than one subdomains also by similar steps if you want.

Here is a small demonstration video tutorial for easy understanding.


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