How to deactivate haptic feedback on Jelly beans (on Galaxy Grand)

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I am writing this post because one of my friends bought new galaxy grand. He is not a fan of Haptic feedback, so he tried to deactivate but couldn't find the setting to deactivate it on the phone and asked me.

Haptic feedback is the small vibration that occurs with each time the home key is pressed or some icon is moved from one place to another on the home screen. It’s a kind of interactive feedback of the phone. On default, it is switched on, on Samsung devices. Many people do not like this including me, because phone keeps on vibrating while doing small work or customize the phone. It also drains the battery very fast.

Galaxy Grand Duos comes with the Android version 4.1.2 (Jelly Beans). In some kernel versions of this Jelly Beans the setting for activation/deactivation of haptic feedback is not shown in the settings, as in case of Galaxy Grand Duos (Indian Version). Its usually given in 'Sounds' settings or the 'Language & Keyboard' setting.

But it's not a big issue. The setting can be changed by using free apps from Google Play. I am mentioning two free apps here.

This app works with another app All-In-One Toolbox (21+ Tools). The setting for Haptic Feedback is available in this app from which it can be changed easily. The setting will remain same even after removing the app after changing the setting.


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