Hi, I am Dr. Varshney, from India. I am the author of this blog, Newbie Tech Tips. I am a Doctor, and treats patients as a profession. I am a technology and internet enthusiast too, and like to keep updates about new technologies. I developed this special interest in internet and gadgets since my internship days and since then i am learning new new things on internet in my free time as a hobby. I used to help my friends with their mobile and laptops problems as a hobby. this blog is a result of all my learning over last couple years, and now i enjoy writing simple tech articles to help newbies understand internet in a easy way.

Technology is the need of 21st century. Gone are the days when computers, high end mobiles, etc. were meant only for a few techno buffs or engineers. Now technology is a part of every single persons days to day life. Everyone encounters need to use computers, computer software, apps and mobile every few hours, but still there are few of us around who find it difficult to figure out how to best utilize the technology.
Secondly, websites and blogs are not limited to some IT experts anymore, today every one feels a need to make a blog or a website.

Newbie Tech Tips is the result of above. When I was learning things I used to search a lot to find out about small small things, I used to find some help also but usually the article were written in hi-tech language which is difficult to understand by a layman like me.

So now by the way of Newbie Tech Tips, I will post some of he things I learnt in a simple language for the newbies to understand in a simple way.


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