Google Introduce new campaign tab in blogger dashboard

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I noticed a new tab in the blogger overview page. Google has introduced a Adword Campaign tab in blogger dashboard. Till now if bloggers had to advertise their blogger blogs, they had to go to www.adword.com and sign in with their account and create a ad there. Now with the campaign tab available right inside the blogger dashboard, it will become easy for both bloggers and Google to promote their services. This way Google is looking for generating more revenue with adword. It also looks like Google is focusing to promote adword to more and more blog users. It is a common knowledge that if a feature is made available right in front of users eyes, more percentage of people tend to use it. It may also indirectly benefit Adsense publishers. More the advertisers, more fill rate of adsense ad slots, better the revenue. So it is win win for all Advertisers, Google and Adsense Publishers.

On clicking the Campaign tab, the above page will be displayed. If you are new to adword or if your blogger email ID is not registered with adword, you will see a Start Now tab. On clicking Start Now, it will redirect to adword website, where we can either create new account or login with existing.


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