Two new features on Blogger (Blogspot)

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Recently Google made 2 new additions to the blogger.com blogs.

1. Google + Comments for blogspot blogs: Now blogspot users will be able to activate the Google + Comments for their blog posts also. This feature can be activated inside the Google + tab in blogger dashboard. This is what Google writes in its Post, "

Reading and responding to comments can be one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging. Not only do they help you connect with your readers, they can also inspire later blog entries. The challenge, oftentimes, is following all the conversations around your content—on Google+, for instance, as well as on your website. So we're making things a lot simpler.
Starting today, you can bring Google+ Comments to your Blogger blog. Once you've enabled the feature through your Blogger Dashboard, you'll enjoy a number of important benefits:

2. Official Contact Form by Google: Google has added the most awaited Official Google Contact Form widget to the list of available widgets for the blogspot blogs. The contact form can be added from add widget area. The entries posted will be sent to the email on which the blog is registered.


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