How to save web articles as print ready PDF with Print Friendly

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If you are one of those who need to print online articles and web pages frequently then this will help you a lot. If you have tried to print the webpages, then you have noticed that many times the printout also contains the content of sidebars and menus and all the junk stuff which is not useful for your actual printing needs. This extra content, wastes the ink (or toner) and paper too.

page printed directly
Page printed directly with Ctrl+P command

webpage printed with print friendly
Page printed with printfriendly.com
The better option for printing a webpage is to format the page in a printer friendly way. Some webmasters implement this features on their blog or website, but if you encounter some website which do not have this feature, PrintFriendly.com can be useful to you.

Printfriendly converts any webpage into a nicely formatted print friendly version which can be printed directly or can be saved as a PDF. There is also a option to remove all the images from the page, or you can also delete the part of the page selectively which you do not want to print.

Printfriendly has a small bookmarklet, which can be dragged to the bookmark toolbar of your browser. With this bookmarklet, any webpage can be converted directly to print friendly format with one click.

Webmasters and bloggers and install the PrintFriendly Button to their websites/blogs to provide the readers a easy way to print the page. I have installed the button on this blog. Have a look in the footer of the post.

A similar service is Print What You Like which also formats the page in print friendly format, but is not as good as PrintFriendly.com so I prefer printfriendly over printwhatyoulike.


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