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First let me tell you who i am. I am a Doctor (Physician and Hospital Administration) by profession from India but a techie doctor. I am a technology enthusiast and always on my PC whenever i get free time from my patients.

I started Tech Tips for Newbie blog for all the people like me. When i started using lot of internet, during my med school, some years ago, i realized that internet is a vast ocean of exciting stuff and i can learn a lot, that's when Internet and technology became my hobby.

I got interested in web-hosting and Symbian mobile apps. During initial time i dint know anything about html, php, blogs or websites.. So i started learning on the internet. I found many tutorials and descriptions but those all are written by exerts and i found them very difficult to understand by me (means a newbie in technology). It took a lot of time for me to learn things by doing hit and trial and committing a lot of mistakes.

After so many years now i have considerable knowledge of webhosting and other tech stuff, and then it came to my mind to share my experiences with other people like me who need to start on internet but need the information in a easy way, easy to understand, and thats how i started this blog.

Sometimes you search for some thing and you get a million search results but when you open the links you have the exact thing you want but you are not able to understand because its written by some software engineer and full of hi-fi tech language. Its really frustrating when you have the content but of no use to you.

At Tech Tips for Newbies i will post articles about these things mainly.

  1. Wenhosting.
  2. Starting a blog or website.
  3. Basic customization of website.
  4. Basics of SEO
  5. Wordpress and SMF (My favorite software)
  6. Android apps. (My favorite smartphone - currently Galaxy SII)
  7. Google Apps
  8. Some useful windows softwares and their uses.
  9. And some thigs here and there.
  10. Some of my random Brain Waves ;-)
I hope you enjoy reading my blog.


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